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05/23/15 -- You can now download our albums with FULL booklets on our Bandcamp page. It's cheaper than other download sites and provides us more financial support than other sites. You can stream every song before buying as well.

04/21/15 -- Here's a new song for you.

01/25/14 -- "Malice" is available now in our store!

12/30/13 -- Official release date for Malice is 1/25/2014. Preorders available soon.

11/05/13 -- Read an interview with Jake here. Scroll down a bit to find it.

11/03/13 -- Video. Album soon.

09/19/13 -- Studio update (the video kind).

07/23/13 -- You can now hear our music on Pandora.

03/08/13 -- Check out some new live pics from our last show.

01/08/13 -- Studio update (and it's a video)! Check it out.

11/23/12 -- There will be an interview with Jake on 100.7 FM Sunday at 11pm CST. If you're not close enough to pick up the station, you can listen online here.

11/04/12 -- Interviews with our new singer are here and here.

08/17/12 -- We have finallly found a female vocalist. Until Extinction would like to welcome Angelic Hobart to the band as our new vocalist; it shouldn't be too terribly long before we've got some new promo pics and recordings featuring her.

07/23/11 -- Don't worry, we haven't died. Just regrouping. In other news, t-shirt supplies are dwindling, so get yours before we run out.

12/14/10 -- Tickets for our show with In This Moment on Jan. 12 are now available in our store.

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